Aspiring to be a Model? Here's How You Start!

Want to be a model and live the life of glitz and glam? It's not the easiest industry to enter, requiring effort and moxy. A single article can't sum up modeling's ins and outs. But here are some advice to help you get started on your career.

Modeling, what is it?

One of the biggest challenges is the psychological stress that comes from being bombarded with people, establishments and circumstances that seemingly dictate that being a successful model requires a certain look, type or image. You will inevitably struggle to maintain your individuality.

It can be discouraging with how media promotes the stereotypical image of a successful and glamorous model, where only tall or skinny women with similar facial features fit the bill and make it big. The same goes for men striving in the scene, as they're expected to fit to certain appearances - either the buff hunky Captain America type or the lean and fair-skinned boyish look.

There is a ray of hope though. In the last few years the industry has been opening up to many different looks and types, like plus-sized models and alternative styles. It's more accommodating and as such these new types of models are becoming more prevalent.

So now, more than ever, it's possible to pursue a modeling career while having your own unique look and being recognized for it! There are modeling jobs that don't look for the traditional fashion show runway model look.

You can get yourself out there and see many new ways to work in the industry. The internet and services like Voucher See make this more convenient than before. And the demand has never been higher, as there are magazines of all sorts of genres, catalogs and sites for different products, TV and online commercials and music videos - all going for different looks so they can stand out and reach new audiences.

Modeling Talent

This career path doesn't just require good looks. Physical appearance is just one element of the profession. Models aren't just there to stand around with the clothes on them, otherwise, they would just be really good looking mannequins.

Individuals need to have the talent for the trade to set them apart and make them better models. They must know how to carry themselves, have a certain flair with the way they dress even in their own clothes, they must move and pose in a distinct way.

Even the comedy film Zoolander touched on this, showing how their talents made a real difference. Derek Zoolander had his looks: Blue Steel, La Tigra, and the legendary Magnum!

So try to tap into your own unique "you-ness," what makes you different from the rest. Don't just imitate other performers' looks. If you must, research how they do it and understand the principles behind it so you can better formulate your own style.

You shouldn't be a conformist. Don't bury your natural features in make-up, show them who you really are! Your modeling talent will let you present yourself in your natural state while generating the right look, which photographers, designers or directors can appreciate. By doing this, they will know what they have to work with.

Model Agencies

Looking for the right model agency for you? There are hundreds of them in the country, though you might not necessarily need one, and an agency that's good for one model might not be good for someone else.

These agencies act as a reliable source of modeling talent that their clients can count on and call on as needed. This way photographers, designers, directors, etc. don't have to search for talents themselves.

Nowadays agencies aren't necessarily a must-have because people looking for talents are growing more aware that they can search for models online and scan their portfolios. Apps like Voucher See also help make this process more convenient for both the models and the clients themselves.


Exhilarating and nerve-wracking moments in every model's career. Talents fill the room and show what they've got in the hope of being selected, while the panel decides who gets the job.

Yet the image of a model audition, a line of statuesque ladies and chiseled hunks waiting for their chance to be in the limelight, isn't entirely accurate. There are auditions for various roles, so applicants can include infants and children, elderly folk, eye models, and even hand models (like David Duchovny's character in Zoolander!).

And they're applying for all sorts of jobs, not just striding down the runway in some glamorous fashion show. These jobs can be for print media and TV shows, to online content.

So don't let your nerves overwhelm you. Believe in yourself and take this as a chance to be discovered by designers, marketing executives, photographers or agency reps! And if you don't make it the first time, then try and try again. Don't be discouraged, you've got nothing to lose and with each experience you can learn, grow and make improvements for the next time!

The Jobs Themselves

Speaking of which, modeling work itself is fun and there are lots of opportunities. As said before, it's becoming more and more open to models who don't conform to the typical look. Fashion and marketing agencies are aware that they need to make their products look distinct and more relatable to normal people, as authenticity is becoming more valued. Audiences are starting to prefer models they can relate to in commercials and ads.

So you don't have to be a chiseled Greco-Roman demi-god or Naomi Campbell to land good jobs.

Still, getting jobs will require effort. It is less difficult now due to the internet and platforms like Voucher See, so you can browse for modeling jobs and opportunities which would not have been as accessible to earlier generations of models.

So Put Yourself Out There

Model searches can be your chance to be seen. Of course, you should be wary of scams, so before you take the plunge you better check the details and watch out for anything that smells fishy.

Want to be discovered? Put up your portfolio on the internet in big modeling sites, build up your social media presence, let platforms like Voucher See make things easier for you.

And take care of yourself. Clients want models who are healthy, and you can find more opportunities if you stay positive and keep your chin up. Don't let your self-esteem take a hit just because you got rejected. Take these as learning opportunities that can help you grow more unique and creative - and ultimately better equipped to be the model you deserve to be.


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