The United States’ 5 Best Modeling Cities

The art of modeling is inseparable from the dream locations each shoot takes place in. Those perfect backgrounds make it all come together, adding so much character to each scene and completing it. This is why certain cities are known for modeling and fashion, because of their iconic sights and the local cultures that push the industries and arts to their limits. In the United States, these are the top 5 cities for modeling:

Los Angeles La-la land itself, LA is known for the movie industry because of Hollywood, but that is quite connected to modeling. So many models go to Los Angeles to seek their fortunes - and find them! The scenic locales and iconic sights of the city are also perfect for shoots. And, most importantly, the city is an entertainment industry hub, with many agencies and thus job opportunities.

New York The Big Apple, this is also known as the Fashion Capital of the World. All the different genres of the modeling world - fashion, commercial, fitness - coalesce into New York. It’s Big and it can be where you’ll also make it big!

Chicago Perfect for commercial modeling, this city has lots of jobs and good money. So that’s why models head there. Commercial modeling catalog shoots can take a while though, as each catalog has a lot of wardrobe to cover.

Miami When NY is off-season for the winter, models and photographers head to Miami for shoots. The winter conditions are much better for shooting. And the beaches are a great reason to head there!

Toronto Yes this isn’t in the United States but it’s pretty nearby and easy to go to! This is Canada’s largest city and is the country’s fashion and model capital, home to big modeling agencies. So if you’re a model in the US, Toronto should be one of your top destinations!

So if you’re looking to make it big, you should consider these cities. There, you can take a set up from small agencies and get the exposure you need. Of course, you should start small and go for local agencies in order to get much-needed experience. Then, when you’re ready, you can make that leap and try out these big cities!


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